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Flower Box -Flower box the colors of the rainbow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - We send your flowers to Bogotá's address 24 hours. Floral gift daisies of different colors, where each color represents a feeling


Spectacular box of flowers in the colors of the rainbow , ideal for celebrating birthdays, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY with this wonderful box that brightens the day of your loved one with its colors. Give flowers in the box at home . The colors of joy, a large Bouquet of flirts of various colors in a gift box , available for home delivery Bogotá . Appropriate flowers to celebrate a special day ,


Each color represents a feeling, that's why this box with flowers brings us so much joy. Its great diversity in colored petals. It gives a clear message of the joy that the person to whom it is given represents. This floral design is made in an exclusive and elegant box made of thick cardboard, painted with a hand design, available in a wide variety of colors, this box is made with flowers of the highest quality, to guarantee its duration, the box includes a card with the message you want, or if you prefer, we can include a message depending on the occasion. We can deliver flowers in a box for quinceañeras to your home or at our point of sale. We may include other items in the box. Ideal flowers to celebrate fifteen years, birthdays, anniversaries, degrees, birthdays, achievements and all kinds of special dates, request your order online or by phone 2539384 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Keep in mind that we can also add chocolates, perfumes, surprise gifts such as ice creams, stuffed animals, wines, whiskey, whiskey cream, rum, champagne, jewelry, vouchers or anything you want depending on the occasion to the box . Our boxes are decorative with floral, sober or luxury appliqués. Each box is made taking into account the occasion to be the most opportune when delivering the gift . We send flowers to your home every day of the year, you can order right now our service is 24 hours , it is dispatched as soon as possible, always attending to your needs. The boxes with flowers that we make in our florists meet the highest quality standards, assuring the customer that they are very fresh flowers, in a beautiful package, a decorative box to give, fall in love with, enchant, these surprise boxes being very practical as a gift. at home. Our customers can order them safely and confidently. Our point of sale in Bogotá has been in the market for more than 20 years, creating and innovating every day to meet the satisfaction and needs of each of our customers. , dispatches flowers throughout the national and international territory thanks to agreements in every corner of the world, we guarantee a service that will leave you satisfied, our priority when dispatching a box is that the client is satisfied with our product and thus In this way, place flower orders with us frequently, knowing that our florist has a 24-hour service, 356 days a year, we are happy to assist you. Order your box of colored flowers right now and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

flower arrangements for all occasions with flower delivery service in Bogota beautiful bouquets of flowers with 24 hour availability with ON LINE service

Do you have doubts about what to give ? Contact our Florist in Bogotá DC - Colombia +57 (1) 253-9384 ; You can also write to WhatsApp +57 311 889-6974 ; Address in Bogotá 24 hours a day

Important: Product photographs are a representation of the floral arrangements and may vary slightly, products with a vase are subject to availability, in the event that the image design is not available, we will replace the vase with one with a similar design and always same price