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12 Girasoles - Flores 24 Horas

12 Sunflower

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Bouquet with 12 sunflowers accompanied by foliage, includes a vase with these flowers. Our clients will be able to express to whoever receives them a clear message of prosperity - success, these bouquets are very opportune to express the great success that we wish for them. Do you have doubts about what to give ? Contact our Florist in Bogotá DC - Colombia +57 (1) 253-9384 ; You can also write to WhatsApp +57 311 889-6974 ; Address in Bogotá 24 hours a day. Important : The product photographs are a representation of the floral arrangements and may vary slightly, products with a vase are subject to availability, in case the image design is not available, we will replace the vase with one with a similar design and always same price