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How should flower care be?

How to take care of your flowers? tips to make them last longer / Photo by Krystina Rogers on Unsplash

Tips for our flowers to last longer.

We have all wanted at some point that our flowers last and last in color, appearance and aroma but, as we know, flowers are a natural product and have a life outside of their natural conditions.

At Flores 24 Horas we know (through our work) how to make flowers last longer and thus be able to enjoy them and be happy every time we see them

Below we write the following considerations that will help you to preserve the flowers for longer.

  • Always use fresh water or tap water (aqueduct),
  • It is advisable to change the water in the vase or vase every 2 days,
  • Use the flower food given to you by the florist when it comes to roses,
  • Cut the stem with a minimum distance of one centimeter before placing them in water,
  • Take care not to expose them to direct sunlight, or heat,
  • When adding water to the vase or vase, check not to exceed the amount of water to a third of the stem,
  • If possible, it is better to add water every day ,
  • The little water helps prevent the stem from rotting.

Care of pompoms, daisies and chrysanthemums:

Pompoms, daisies and chrysanthemums are some of the species of flowers that are resistant to the external conditions in which we place them.

They need very little care on our part, but it is necessary to change, water regularly and remove the withered flowers so that they continue to maintain a fresh appearance all the time.

Under no circumstances allow the leaves of these flowers to be submerged in the water in the vase or vase, if the leaves are submerged, they will make the water acidic and their leaves decompose faster, making the liquid an unpleasant green color.

The care of the Roses

Roses, like all flowers, should be in fresh, cold water.

Keep roses away from direct light or glass (glass refracts light and heat in various directions within a room), remember that roses are very sensitive to heat and sudden temperature changes

  • The water should be changed every other day
  • Try to remove the first three petals as these may have insecticide from their production and cultivation,
  • Preservatives must be applied, which in our flower shop are delivered to when making your flower delivery
  • Do not remove the spines unless they are handled in floral foam, these help them retain water and extend their shelf life.

We hope this information helps you to conserve flowers.

Greetings to all

Erika Mendez

Floral designer and florist

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